Corona Virus Update

17th March 2020

A note to all our clients - please note that, presently, as matters stand, The Liability Network remains open for business as usual.

We remain fully staffed (and free of any symptoms of Covid-19) and are able to execute our normal functions for clients.

A number of staff work remotely and that will continue and as the situation develops we have in place appropriate contingency plans to facilitate increased working from home for certain staff members with a skeleton staff to remain within the main Chelmsford premises, should that be necessary.


We will continue to conduct field investigations but will of course be mindful of the wishes/operational responses of the organisations we are to meet with and if site visits cannot be made then we have facilities in place to conduct remote investigations and discussions/interviews over the telephone/facetime/skype etc to ensure that we continue to provide reports and advices to clients on all cases in the normal way.

We will of course continue to monitor Government advice and implement changes as needed but our aim is to minimise disruption to our clients and continue to provide the service you all expect and require.

Kind regards.

John Heaney
Managing Director
The Liability Network Ltd

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