Key Personnel

Our Managing Director, John Heaney, has a wealth of experience in the field of liability claims gained over many years in the industry and he has been involved in the handling of many significant claims. He remains actively involved in claims and has his own caseload.

Below is a brief outline of the principal areas of expertise of our senior personnel.  More detailed profiles are available on the links below.

John Heaney - Managing Director

John commenced his insurance career at a Local Authority Mutual Insurer in 1986 as a Career Trainee specialising in liability claims, based in Manchester, moving to their London operation in 1987. In 1990, John moved to an American London Market Insurer where he was responsible for all UK Casualty claims reporting direct to the UK Claims Manager before moving into the specialist liability loss adjusting sector in 1993.  


Immediately prior to developing The Liability Network Ltd in 2003, John was the UK Liability Director for GAB Robins Ltd, the second largest global loss adjusting organisation, at that time.


John has wide ranging casualty claims experience across many sectors and industries, handling many disease, serious injury and fatality claims. He was the lead adjuster on the Paddington Rail crash in October 1999 and the Selby Road/Rail incident in February 2001 as well as being the supervising adjuster on the Potters Bar Derailment in May 2002. John has also written best practice and operating guidelines for claims organisations and has managed both technical and QA audits for clients.


Please see John’s more detailed profile here

Neil Bates - Director

Neil has specialised in the investigation and handling of liability claims since 1993 and has been loss adjusting in this sector since 1997, previously working for specialist divisions of other loss adjusting practices before joining the company in 2004.


Neil has wide ranging experience across all classes of liability claims and has been involved in the investigation and handling of many high-profile incidents including numerous fatalities, as well as disease and other complex injury claims. Neil has particular expertise in dealing with care home fatalities, medical malpractice/treatment risk claims, industrial risks, the firework industry and liability risks in the equine sector.


Neil worked with John on the M5 multi-party fatality, representing a firework display organisation and has investigated both recent UK fatality cases involving zoo-keepers being mauled by tigers.


Please see Neil’s more detailed profile here

Paul Rapley - Director

Paul has been working in the Insurance industry since 1988 and has specialised in the handling and investigation of liability claims since he commenced employment with Hibernian Insurance Company in 1990. Paul transferred to the loss adjusting sector in 1998 when he joined McLarens Liability Division, handling both local authority and corporate liability claims. He later joined a national firm of Solicitors where he continued to investigate and handle liability claims before joining the company in 2005.


Paul has expertise in dealing with care home fatalities, stress claims, medical malpractice/treatment risk claims, industrial risks, liability risks in the leisure sector and personal liability claims such as incidents involving dogs under pet liability policies.


Please see Paul’s more detailed profile here

Chris Passmore - Associate Director

Chris has been working in the insurance industry since 1984 where he specialised in the handling of Employers, Public and Products Liability cases with Guardian Insurance. He became a Claims Inspector in 1990 which widened his role to include the investigation and reporting on these types of claims.


Chris transferred to the Liability Adjusting sector in 1996 when he joined Watershed Claims Services, continuing to investigate Employers, Public and Products Liability cases. He became Motor Liability Manager and was responsible for the investigation of serious and complex Motor Liability investigations, as well as managing a team of Liability Adjusters.


Chris joined The Liability Network in 2015 and has continued to investigate and handle all classes of Liability claims since then, including medical malpractice/treatment risk claims. He was promoted to Associate Director in April 2019.

Please see Chris’ more detailed profile here

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