We are pleased to be able to provide a comprehensive range of services dedicated to the investigation, handling, quantification and management of all liability claims and their related Insurance Programmes.


All services are provided through our Head Office in Chelmsford which is our central point of contact. All claims are controlled and handled here on a day to day basis by the Directors and management team, who monitor both technical quality and service compliance. A large proportion of the services we provide are charged to clients, at their request, on the basis of hourly rates, which are agreed in advance. We believe this is the most transparent and effective method of charging and there are no "hidden extras".


We also undertake proscribed claims investigation work for pre-agreed fixed fees and there are a variety of options for special projects which we will be happy to discuss. We are also able to charge pre-agreed fixed fees for Delegated Authority Agreement Programmes, after discussion and agreement with our clients. We are able to handle all aspects of claims emanating from the Ministry of Justice Portal and have our own Portal ID to assist clients in receiving claims via the Portal on their behalf.


In respect of injury claims, whether we are investigating a straightforward slip and trip claim, a catastrophic injury claim or a multi-party fatality, our primary focus remains the same: the swift gathering of facts and evidence via a detailed and disciplined investigation with the relevant parties involved, in accordance with the various pre-action protocols or other requirements which exist. This enables an informative report to be compiled to the client's specification detailing the issues involved and the swiftest route to resolution, whether that is a cost effective settlement of the claim or the maintenance of a robust defence.


In our experience claims do not get cheaper with age; thus, once claims warranting some form of settlement have been identified, a pro-active approach to the handling and negotiation of the claim will mitigate the life cycle of that claim and restrict the hidden inflationary costs seen in personal injury claims, as well as providing a structured approach which prevents claimants' Solicitors from generating excessive fees on the non-Portal claims.


As regards property damage and financial loss claims, whether it is a products liability claim, a major property damage claim following a "hot work" fire, or a claim involving theft as a result of a failure by an Insured to fulfil a guarding contract, The Liability Network can bring to bear the specialist expertise required to identify and resolve the complex legal liability, quantum and policy issues which can arise, working if necessary as part of a team with others such as Solicitors, Engineers, Surveyors or Forensic Experts.


In today's climate, claimants appear much more ready to pursue claims aggressively, or to pursue claims which they previously might not have pursued at all. We frequently encounter situations where a claimant simply deducts what it considers a claim is worth from money owed, regardless of the strict legal position: in short, many claims have become more complicated to resolve.


An Insured faced with a claim needs guidance and assistance and the investigation and handling of such claims requires specialist skills and knowledge to deal with the multitude of issues which arise. What has gone wrong and why? Is an expert required? Was the act, omission or defect actually causative of the losses which are being claimed for? What losses are the Insured legally liable for? What is the impact of any contractual conditions which may apply? What does the policy indemnify for?


A structured, analytical approach is essential, coupled with an ability to produce a timely and comprehensive report for the client which offers clear advice and is focused on the best route to an effective outcome so that unnecessary costs are not incurred. We firmly believe that in specialist cases there is no substitute for experience, and, particularly where commercial and professional reputations may be at stake, we recognize there is always a need to handle cases sensitively, communicate effectively with the Insured and other interested parties, and keep the commercial realities in mind.


We specialize in the following areas of casualty based liability claims:


  • Employers Liability including Disease

  • Public Liability (injury, damage and financial loss)

  • Products Liability

  • Products Recall

  • Motor Liability (injury and damage)

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Errors and Omissions

  • Treatment Risks

  • Contractors Liability

  • Professional Indemnity


Tailored to our clients' needs, our services include:


  • Individual case handling/site investigation

  • Major multi-party claims

  • Desk top review and handling

  • Full claims / risk management programmes under DAA including fund management

  • Litigation support assisting panel Solicitors

  • Audits

  • Recoveries

  • Liability risk surveys

  • Audit Services

  • Risk Management Advice


We do not pretend that in every case we have the resources to do everything ourselves: indeed, we believe the client is often ill served by a "one size fits all" approach. We are therefore happy to work in partnership with other service providers, with each party contributing expertise in their own field to provide an overall solution to a particular client need.


We have established working relationships with a variety of other professional service providers, including Claims Management Organizations/TPAs, Forensic Experts, Solicitors and Legal Costs Negotiators. We also have formal relationships with a number of independent, experienced individuals at various locations in the United Kingdom who can undertake local investigations for us as required, to complement our own coverage, if it is needed.


We have extensive experience across a wide variety of trade sectors including:


  • Hotels and Leisure

  • Retail and Distribution

  • Nursing and Residential Care

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical

  • Cleaning

  • Equine

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Public and Local Authorities

  • Transport, including Emergency Responders

  • Support Services

  • Banking and Financial

  • Security and Guarding

  • Fire Protection

  • Firework Displays

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